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Trash and recycling services are provided to residents of Windmill Farms through a contract executed between KCFWSD1-B and its service provider.

Residents are supplied with one 96-gallon roll-out container and one 18-gallon recycling bin.

Two additional recycling bins are available to residents at no additional charge by contacting Community Waste Disposal at 972-392-9300. Select call routing option two.

Trash and recyclables are normally picked up at curbside between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm on the scheduled collection day:

  Trash Pickup  Day - Wednesday  

  Recycling Pickup Day - Wednesday  

Trash containers can be placed at the curb on the evening prior to the pick-up day and should be returned to their storage area by the end of the pick-up day.

In addition to collecting solid waste placed within the trash containers provided, the collection service will collect::

 Up to 4 cubic yards of brush and/or bulky waste placed near the collection container

Go to "Collection Information" for details relating to collection schedules, procedures, what can/cannot be collected, pickup of large items, arranging special pickups, etc.

Recyclable materials do not need to be sorted, just placed in the recycle bin. Recyclable items include paper, plastic, glass, and metal cans. Go to "Collection Information" for additional details.

Charges for trash collection are included as part of your monthly water bill. You can pay your bill online. Go to "Pay Your Bill Online" to connect to the payment website.

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