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Water for Windmill Farms residents is currently obtained from the City of Forney.

In 2004 KCFWSD 1-A and the City of Forney entered into an agreement to acquire surface water from the North Texas Municipal Water District. This line was recently completed.

The water used by Windmill Farms residents and the residents of a number of other municipalities in North Texas is drawn from Lake Lavon.

Wastewater treatment facilities for the community are currently located within the boundaries of the District.

KCFWSD and the City of Forney entered into a letter of understanding concerning the wastewater discharge from Windmill Farms.

In the future, it is anticipated that Windmill Farms wastewater will be treated by North Texas Municipal Water District at an offsite, regional facility.

Inframark is under contract to operate, maintain and manage the Facilities owned by KCFWSD for the purpose of providing water, wastewater and ancillary services to property owners within Windmill Farms.

The facilities are permitted and operated under the auspices of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The facilities are inspected and tested frequently, and reports are filed with TCEQ in compliance with the rules and regulations that apply to all public water and wastewater utilities in the State of Texas.

All water supplied to Windmill Farms homeowners is frequently tested at various control points within the community.

Inframark works with the TCEQ to address all state and federal requirements affecting the water supply.

Inframark is a $600 million business employing nearly 5,000 people worldwide. The company has operated continuously in Texas since 1974. Severn Trent Plc is the fourth largest water and wastewater treatment utility in the world, operating nearly 2,500 facilities and serving more then 20 million customers worldwide.

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